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The countdown is on! At Bloomsday we believe in celebrating love of all kinds - couples, family, friends, self. Treat someone you love this Valentine's.


We love colour and texture here at Bloomsday, and only use locally grown and foraged flowers with recycled paper wrapping. Learn more about our eco-friendly practices here!

Flower delivery is Auckland-wide. Order now to make someone's day.

Elegant and wild, but definitely dreamy.

This is your day to celebrate your unique relationship with your partner - let us help you find the floral reflection and bring that vision to life.

Auckland and North Island weddings - but I'll take any excuse for a road trip!

"Thanks so so much, they are beautiful and no plastic - I love it ... Love seeing small businesses that include a sustainable ethos."


Here at Bloomsday, sustainability is key. Marayke has a BSc in Environmental Science and Conservation, so this is not taken lightly here!

NZ grown + seasonal

All of my flowers and foliage are New Zealand grown, with strong preference for seasonal, locally grown and foraged goods. This means a huge cut in carbon emissions - we have plenty of beautiful blooms right down the road, why fly them in from overseas??


All bouquet wrappings are either compostable, recycled, or both - nothing to hide! Brown paper and ribbons made from fabric off-cuts are my bread and butter. No hot glue or floral foam is ever used, even in our wreaths. Our offcuts go home with too! Taking care of the whole circle, this means an entirely biodegradable bouquet. 


If there are any flowers or plants that are special to you - from a tree planted by your grandparents, or a flower that reminds you of your favourite place - let me work them into something delightful for you. Give a thoughtful gift that aligns with your values.

give to grow

Oh, and one more bonus? If you add a note (for free!) to your bouquet, it is handwritten onto seed paper which can be planted to grow bee-friendly wildflowers. Let your gift continue giving, to your friend and the earth!

OPTIONAL: plastic free farm-to-vase

Seen those cellophane wrapped flowers at the supermarket? Yeah. Flower markets are FULL of that and it is painful! Growers very often wrap their blooms in plastic for safe delivery - but at Bloomsday we think this is unnecessary.

That's why we offer a plastic free farm-to-vase bouquet option (offered nowhere else - hint hint!). This means I personally pick out seasonal flowers that are wrapped either in brown paper or naked instead of plastic, tightening the selection but living our values. That care and patience is worth it!

Then I bundle them up into a gorgeous combo just for you! 

bonus: Bloomsday is officially #GENLESS

behind bloomsday

Bloomsday is a project in finding delight in the smallest things - weeds growing in sidewalk cracks and dappled sunlight through neighbourhood trees. Flowers spread that joy everywhere, brightening any room.


My name is Marayke (mah-ray-kah) and I'm a self-taught florist. I've always loved flowers, plants and anything nature, though my passion for sustainability is what drives Bloomsday's focus on using only locally grown and foraged goods. This combination of seasonals, natives and recycled treasures, brings a unique and personal touch to Bloomsday flowers. 

I also love west coast beaches, a cheeky bit of whitewater, the sky, and nutella. I have a huge weakness for dogs, will sing in the car but not the shower, and have a particular knack for making excellent porridge.

Work with me to find your own floral delights - I can't wait!

where are we?

Bloomsday runs out of a wee studio in Mt Eden, Auckland. Delivery is Auckland-wide, but we will take any excuse for a road-trip for weddings! 

Address will be sent to you when you choose pick up at checkout.