Sustainability + flowers. What more could you want?
Bloomsday is a project in finding delight in the smallest things, in a responsible way. 
      Meet the gal behind the blooms...
Hi! I'm Marayke.
Just too bloody stoked to be here.

My name is Marayke (mah-ray-kah) and I'm the hungriest, most adventure-chasing florist you'll ever find. 

I love west coast beaches, a cheeky bit of whitewater, hanging in the sky, and nutella. When I'm not flower hustling you'll find me out in the wops as far away from people as I can get, or stalking anyone who's walking a cute dog. I'll deliver your flowers listening to Foo Fighters and Ocean Alley in the car, and dance with excitement every time an enquiry comes through. Also constantly snacking. 

I'm frothin' to be here, and I'm forever grateful to YOU for making it possible.

Behind Bloomsday.

I studied Environmental Science and Applied Conservation at uni, and first worked in geospatial intelligence. Which sounded dope... but working in an office had me bored out of my mind. 

Then one day I had the chance to leave and ran with it.


Typical florist story.


Through Bloomsday I could bring the learnings of my BSc with me (read more about my sustainability practices here!), while working with my hands and playing with nature every day.


I'm self-taught (thanks to years of wandering the gardens of my Mum, Oma + Opa, and Nana + Pop. Also praise be to YouTube) - but passionate as ever. I adore foraging anything with a texture, mixing unusual ingredients with classics, and of course anything locally grown.


This makes for a floral style that's a bit like me: wild + bold, but somehow still soft.


And a little magical. 


Bloomsday is a project in finding delight in the smallest things - weeds growing in sidewalk cracks and dappled sunlight through neighbourhood trees. Flowers spread that joy everywhere, brightening any room. Bloomsday is cutting through the waste of the floral world and finding every possible way to do things better. ​

Delivering parcels of happiness and living my values at the same time. Best job ever.

Work with me to find your own floral delights - I can't bloody wait!


CreativeGood Follies-42
CreativeGood Follies-42


Marayke in orange
Marayke in orange

CreativeGood Follies-42
CreativeGood Follies-42

Marayke Bouma (she/her)

ask me anything.

I love hearing from you! Send through a question, thought or idea – anything you’re trying to sort through at the moment and I’ll do what I can to help.  |  Mt Roskill, Auckland, NZ

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