frequently asked questions

Where do you source your flowers from?

- Local flower farmers

- Other growers around New Zealand

- Some are grown by my darling mother!

- Foraged from roadsides and my friends' gardens

All NZ-grown means MUCH lower carbon-footprints for your blooms.

I suggest a minimum of 3-6 months but we can easily work within a shorter planning timeframe. 

Paying your 25% retainer will secure your spot with Bloomsday - but we can always make changes to your order after this. 

For short notice - check out a la carte.

How far in advance do I need to book?

No minimum spend at Bloomsday! 

I personally love a small wedding, and elopements are the best.


I'm here to help make your day magical, on matter your budget.

Is there a minimum budget for my wedding flowers?

Absolutely, I’ll deliver all your flowers personally.


I will coordinate the time and location with you during the planning process. Your personals (bouquets /buttonholes) can be delivered to wherever you are getting ready on the day.

Will you deliver my flowers on the day?

There is a lot of variability when it comes to wedding flower prices. Most Bloomsday couples spend between $1500 – $5000 on their wedding flowers.

Some spend as little as $500. Remember, flowers are a luxury item, and wedding flowers are not the same as supermarket bouquets!

How much do flowers usually cost?

Not a problem!


I manage all our communication online - via emails, pinterest, and zoom (if needed). 

Can I organise my wedding flowers from overseas?

Yes, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and weather conditions have a significant impact on availability of flowers. 

For a rough guide (no availability can be guaranteed) - check out this blog!

Can't find it? Email me. 

Are some flowers only available in certain months of the year?

The first step is to fill out the enquiry form - I will then confirm whether your date is available.

From there, I will send you an online questionnaire as the first stage of the Bloomsday consultation process. 

How do I get started?

Short answer: probably not! 

I love any excuse for a road trip. Pop me a note in your enquiry to double check your location.

Further distances from my Mt Roskill HQ will incur a higher delivery/setup cost - remember I need to cover my time, petrol, and vehicle maintenance. Again, there are always options - let's discuss ;)

Is XYZ location too far away?

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