10 Gift Ideas that Won't End up in a Landfill

I’m a sucker for giving gifts, but at the same time I haaaate getting gifts that I don’t want. We all know the type - a cheap candle that smells like a dishwasher, the joke t shirt that will never be worn, just some general useless shit. Here are a compilation of my fave waste-free gift ideas.

1. Go out for brunch. Duh

Not only does this one involve food and most likely coffee (or mimosas!! Why not?), but it counts as quality time. I recommend Lola in Mt Wellington, or Turtle and Hare in New Windsor. Their sandwiches are frickin gold. If you really like the person, go for a walk around a park or even an art gallery afterwards with ya Keep Cups. If not, cite your favourite go-to excuse and dash off guilt free.

2. A ticket to the movies!

Or a show if they’re artsy. Or a comedy gig if they’re a night-owl people-lover. The gist is: get them an experience.

3. Photos

No, not just a collage of embarrassing photos on Facebook or a token Instagram story. I’m talking either a printed and framed pic of the two of you, a video of times you’ve spent together, or even a photoshoot. How frickin’ adorable would it be to have a professional suite of photos of you and your bestie / sister / partner / even co-worker? Hell yes, adorable as HECK.

4. Flowers

Duh again. This is a florist’s blog, what did you expect?

But also - these are the PERFECT gift. No, I’m not biased at allll. Gorgeous, sweet smelling joy, that is fully compostable at the end of their life. I.e., something they can love, without the material burden.

5. Hugs

The cheapskate’s gift. Totally worth it.


Always. Whether you bring them a hot chocolate to their office, cook them a special dinner, or curate a gift basket of all their favourite treats, you cannot go wrong. PSA: you can order a cookie the size of a pizza to be delivered to their home. Best gift ever award goes to you.

7. Vouchers for GoodFor

Don’t know what food they like? Vouchers are the way to go. GoodFor offers deliveries, delicious treats, and plastic packaging-free goodness. I highly recommend their dried apple slices.

8. A subscription to their fave XYZ

Subscriptions can be a pricey wee option, but if you’re looking for something special that won’t end up in le trash, virtual = gold. Netflix, Headspace, Disney+, get at it. Or something physical like a magazine (recycle!), or monthly jars of peanut butter from Fix and Fogg.

9. Take them to do something they have never done before!

Surfing, pottery, speed dating, pasta making, skydiving - whatever it is, and whatever your budget, this is a fun one. Do it together, have some laughs.

10. Lend your skills

People always need help, but don’t know how to ask. I’m guilty of this too. So this is your chance to offer those skills you have to someone who needs them, in a way they can happily accept. Mend their clothes, bake a cake (yes I am writing this hungry), clean their house, help them with their taxes, help them dye their hair purple, teach them to knit. Quality time, tick!

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