5 sustainability grams you need to be following

Updated: Sep 9

Instagram is where it’s at these days. For everything.

I get updated on my friends’ lives. I get my news from @shityoushouldcareabout. I get inspiration from artists and other florists. I get mental health support from beautiful accounts like @artsyaffirmations and @shopsundae.

Best of all, I get educated. There are so many incredible accounts making hard topics palettable via sexy illustrations and aesthetic typography. @blairimani is the QUEEN of 15-second lessons on how to be a better human. But here we are in the Bloomsday blog, so you know you’re about to get schooled on sustainability and environmentalism - my favourite topic to rant about.

Here’s the scoop on five of my favourite Instagram accounts that educate me, inspire me, and remind me that there is hope.


Pattie is the drag queen, Wyn is the rad driven fella. @pattiegonia is all about making the outdoors more inclusive. The outdoors is a place for everyone, not just the able-bodied, straight-sized, cis, white people that appear in Kathmandu and Macpac ads. (Yes I’m naming and shaming, they need to do better). Aside from incredible activism on all things outdoors and environmentalism, @pattiegonia is the place to go for bird-inspired makeup and drag lewks mid-hike.


Stevie gives me LIFE. She is the most inspiring, forgiving, and hilarious advocate for low waste living. From her thrifted vintage outfits to her *everything is connected* posts, she gives you vulnerability and realness in every post.


Led by the inimitable @greengirlleah, this account is the place to be. Climate change will have, and is already having, a disproportionate impact on indigenous peoples and the poor - while the rich do more to cause it. (Jeff Bezos, hey.) IE is making noise about this, and rightly so. Follow them for the education (and gorgeous graphics).


Chicks for climate, for justice, for human rights, for everything. Feminism x environmentalism (and of course it’s intersectional) - does this sound like a bit of me, or does this sound like a bit of me? I just love it.


Last but not least, one of New Zealand’s own! Kate started her sustainability journey thinking about who made her clothes, and what their impact on the planet was. From fashion, it bled into every part of her life. Now she spends her days writing, sharing, even touring the country in an EV to educate kiwis on sustainability. From ethical brands, to composting tips, to stories about her pup Chai, she covers a lot. I love getting that NZ-context too - worth a squiz for sure.

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