5 Sustainable Pieces of Floral-Inspired Clothes

Updated: Sep 9

Ok first up, a classic. A floral blouse by Mane Project - but wait, it’s REVERSIBLE. That means more bang for your buck, something we love around here. The more ways you can wear an item, the more versatile + therefore sustainable it is - wear that shit every DAY! Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, you can feel like a flower-covered maiden / business boss, without sacrificing the planet. ‘Organic’ can sound like a solid piece of greenwashing (and let’s be honest, sometimes it is), but it means the soil and insects where the cotton is grown stay healthy. Not to mention the workers too. Paired casually with jeans or with a blazer for the office, this blouse is a winner in the Bloomsday books.

This second piece is less strictly floral-inspired, but it does give me hella peony vibes. The No Sweat dress by Hej Hej in hot pink (coincidentally, also available in sweet pea green). Kiwis are notorious for dressing in black, grey, and more black, but I am all for a Lucia Litman-style rainbow wardrobe. It genuinely makes you feel SO happy to dress in fun colours. Give it a go with this peony-pink piece of ruffly goodness. Sleeveless (i.e. perfect for summer or layering in winter - read: versatile!), and 100% linen - my FAVE. Linen is a stellar material to wear as it only gets softer with age, and you avoid putting microplastics onto the ocean when you wash it. What more could you want?

KowTow is one of my favourite sustainable brands - they take it to the next level. One day I’ll be able to afford (read: find in an op-shop) one of their pieces, but for now, I’ll go to sleep dreaming about these pants. Something comfy that you can dress up or (knowing me, more likely:) down - these are the perfect pants. Circular design with a transparent supply chain, organic cotton, and GOTS approved inks/dyes, you know KowTow has it covered. Be a good human and wear these pants. Oh, and that epic meadow print? Flowers galore?! This was a photograph of sidewalk daisies, turned into a painting, turned into a digital print!! I think I’m in love.

Next on my list is a stunning piece of jewellery. Gotta complete the wardrobe right? Reca is a small NZ brand with a stellar ethos - all their pieces are crafted by disadvantaged women, who are treated fairly and paid a living wage, with the aim to provide opportunities and bring them independence. One of my faves is their gold fan necklace - main in Cambodia. This 14K piece of gorgeousness reminds me of palm leaves, and that is definitely a vibe I need in my life at the moment. The closer I can get to pretending I’m lying in the shade in Rarotonga, rather than stuck at home in the rain, the better.

The last flower-loving item? This might sound like a cheat of an answer, but I stand by it. It’s undoubtedly THE most sustainable option here: the piece already in your wardrobe. Floral is a staple print, so I’m sure there’s something there. But if not, just chuck on your favourite whatever, and put some flowers in your pocket. Pick a dandelion by the bus stop, tuck a cherry blossom in your hair. Dive into that hippie vibe. At the very least, find the brightest colour you have, and run with it. Sunflower yellow, forget-me-not blue. Worth it.

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