5 Things you Didn’t Know about Flower Delivery in Auckland

1. Auckland is huge!

Ok, so you knew that. The biggest of NZ’s cities, spanning more than 1000 square kilometres - delivery can be an expensive task. Shop as local as you can (i.e. please don’t make me deliver to Papakura.

2. Florists deal with so much more than just flowers

Accounting, website management, staffing, managing a studio or retail space, cleaning, ordering flowers and sundries, photographing, marketing and social media management, customer relations, and so on! Excepting the biggest of businesses, many florists have to be the jack-of-all-trades. Along with being the flower expert of course - be impressed by these fierce gals!

3. Not all florists are created equal

A handful of “florist” websites out there are simply umbrella websites that will take a cut of the payment, then pass the order onto smaller florists to create and deliver. Not only does this provide an inauthentic experience, it takes money out of the pockets of small business owners. Keep an eye out for websites that look excessively generic, with hundreds of choices. Aim to shop somewhere with the owner’s face on the ‘About’ page.

The other things to look for in your choice of florist is whether they align with your values - do they use imported or local ingredients? Is their wrapping plastic or natural? Do you need same day delivery or are you ultra-organised? Some digging is worth it.

4. The best time to order flowers is Mondays or Wednesdays.

Most flower shops restock on Mondays and/or Wednesdays, so this is when you’ll get the freshest flowers! Fresher = longer lasting = absolute winner.

5. The “markup” is worth it

People scoff at the prices at a florist, say compared to supermarket flowers. But not only are you paying for fresher and higher quality flowers, plus gorgeous wrapping, you pay for the expertise. Not to mention everything behind the scenes - prepping, cleaning, renting a studio, being able to order online... This one deserves an entire blog post I think.

Stay tuned.

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