A Florist's Advice for Planning your Wedding Flowers

1. Come prepared - before submitting an enquiry to your florist of choice (hello, please let it be me!), have a scour of Pinterest (or magazines like Together Journal. Library here you come!). Know what colours you’re after, what style you like. Or, know that you’re happy for your florist to go all out with creativity! Be as specific as you like,

2. But also, Pinterest isn’t everything. A lot of the images are from America, where there is a different selection of flowers available. Plus, the magic of photography + clever styling can play tricks on you. It can make things like flat-lay foliage look amazing, when on the day it actually looks a bit flat. I’d recommend a selection of bud vases instead.

3. Are there any flowers you love for sentimental reasons? Your florist is undoubtedly someone who is deeply connected to flowers, and can name a thousand memories featuring different plants and blooms. So if you name even one flower that reminds you of your Nana, or a colour you want featured as a tie to your culture, a particular scent, or even a herb from your partner’s favourite dish - your florist will FROTH over that request. Don’t be shy!

4. Be honest about your budget. Money is an important factor, and even I can’t fault you for prioritising your honeymoon adventure over that extra floral arrangement! Tell me your max spend, your dream florals, and which parts are your must-haves. Together we can suss it, and find a gorgeous compromise.

5. Season is key. Whether you’re choosing your wedding date for convenience, venue dates, or family availability - florals are worth a consideration. If you’re dead-set on an all-peony bouquet, go for spring/summer. If you adore delicate ranunculus and anemone, winter is your go-to. Love those rustic vibes? Aim for autumn. If you’re not sure on what’s in season, ask your florist -or check out her other blogs ;)

6. Have a squiz at your florist’s work. As with any creative pursuit, the artist will have their own style. While flower choice and the florals you’re after will change the style too (e.g. teardrop bouquet vs hand-tied, full archway vs plinth arrangements), it’s worth finding a florist you vibe with.

7. Be open to suggestions. Your florist is the expert here - simple as that.

8. And my favourite piece of advice? Go frickin’ wild. The magic thing about flowers is that because they are a natural wonder of this world, you can’t go wrong. Go for a full on rainbow, go for en masse delphiniums everywhere, go for fluffy unicorn-like pastels. It’s your day - screw the fashions and celebrate it.

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