A Florist's Summer Reading List

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

How has summer snuck up on us so fast?? I swear it was JUST August. As I fold away my warm jackets and dig out my shorts, I'm thinking it's time to make a reading list for this holiday season. Who doesn't love reading a book on the beach? Or... listening to an audiobook while delivering flowers if you're me!

Have a squiz at what's on my bedside table this summer and let me know if you agree! In no particular order...


Bloomsday flowers is all about sustainability. 2040 is all about innovations and solutions to climate change and is an absolute fountain of hope. Damon Gameau started researching these solutions when his daughter was born to enlighten his vision of her future - in 2040 she will be 21. If climate dread is getting you down, you'll appreciate this comprehensive solutions manual. Or just watch the documentary!!

The Altruists

A novel centering around the divide between baby boomers and millenials - I might read this over brunch with my latte and smashed avocado toast...

Books and a reusable water bottle are in a spaghetti net bag beside sandals on windswept beach sand.

Anything from Shit You Should Care About

This epic blog was set up by an incredible gal I met on Outward Bound, Lucy, and two of her mates Liv and Rubes. Covering everything from politics to memes, self-care to world-events - you need this in your life. Their Instagram is the place to go for quick and easy updates on all sorts of shit you should care about, without trawling through journalistic trash. Plus, there's all the Harry Styles updates you'll ever need.

Girl, Wash Your Face

I've heard good things about this book! Tackling the lies we believe about ourselves and setting bigger goals, this sounds like the one to read before setting New Year's resolutions.

The Language of Flowers

I'm not gonna lie, I've read this maybe three times before, but it is just a DELIGHT! Centering around a young woman who grew up in orphanages who becomes a florist, this book balances sadness with magic and beautiful imagery. With much talk about flowers (is it any surprise that I'm a fan?) - Vanessa Diffenbaugh weaves in the Victorian language of flowers used to send secret messages through bouquets. These days, I like to think they all mean "you're bloody great" rather than peonies meaning shame and lavender meaning distrust... But definitely worth a read.

I'd love to know what you're reading this year! Drop me a recommendation or two in the comments!

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