Fave EDIBLE flowers!

This one’s for the foodies. I dare you to try at least one!


Tasty foliage, and the cutest flowers. What’s not to love? Picking the flowers off your basil plant will direct the plant’s energy away from trying to make seeds and back to it’s foliage, so this is a win-win. Sprinkle these tiny cuties anywhere!


Borage has to be one of my favourite edible flowers. Soft blue flowers in the shape of stars, with a mild cucumber-ish taste. They don’t last particularly long on the plant, so I’m a fan of regular picking to garnish a drink (the petals slowly turn purple!!), or freezing into ice cubes.


Calendula is well known for its use in balms, creams and other beauty products, but not often used in meals. It’s bloody easy to grow and the bees will thank you! Pop a few of the daisy-like blooms in a jar, or use the petals in salad or on cake.


These come in allll the colours and are bloody easy to grow. Pop some in your herb garden and use them regularly! These mild-flavoured blooms are my fave to add some colour to salads. I’d recommend pulling the petals off the centre of the flower to stretch them a little further, and to stop fussy guests from picking them out and wasting them.

Dill / Fennel

Technically edible but maybe not so nice to eat in my opinion. However, these grow like crazy all over Auckland. They are a weed worth picking, as the bright yellow flowers are perfect for a wild vase arrangement. You may start craving pork and fennel dumplings though...


A common garden plant for keeping bugs off your veges, but uncommonly eaten. Again, I’d pick off the individual petals. Add colour to a stir fry, press into cookies, or just brighten up your kitchen.


Spicy bois!! Flowering in the brightest yellows and oranges, you really can’t go past these. They grow wild all over Auckland and can be foraged easily. Not to mention, the leaves can be made into a peppery pesto, and the seeds pickled as ‘poor man’s capers’. Cheapskate meals made fancy!


Easy to grow, easy to eat! I’d recommend these for cocktails, as the darker colours are bloody gorgeous and the velvety texture is luxe to the T. Either fresh, or frozen into ice cubes for use at a later date.

Sweet pea

The ultimate cake topper. Most often found in tones of pink and purple, they’ll add some luxe to your dessert as well as the most incredible scent. The delicate petals are just stunning. The rest of the plant is edible too - the curly shoots can be subbed as a micro-green, just like regular peas.

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