Flower of the Month: Hellebores

Hellebores are one of the hidden gems of winter. Also called the winter rose, hellebores are truly a stunner - though not much like a rose in all honesty! They range in colour from a gorgeous pale green (I’m a sucker for green blooms), through to pink, white, and a recognisable deep purple.

They are commonly simple flowers, with five round petals and a fluffy centre, but can also come in all kinds of ruffley magic! While they don’t make great gift flowers (they only last about two days in a vase), they are the perfect addition to wedding bouquets. They are whimsical and mysterious, with nodding heads and speckled patterns. Hellebores add a beautiful depth to bridal bouquets, as their texture is unlike any other blooms around at this time of year.

Winter roses are also a winner for your garden. The foliage lives all year, so you don’t end up with a big gaping whole during the offseason - but YAY you still get some colour in before the flush of spring flowers comes through! They also self-seed like crazy, so next year you can deliver cute baby plants to your friends - share the hellebore love!

If you grow them yourself, you can pick them when they are ‘ripe’ for longer lasting vase life. How do you know when they are ripe? The central cluster of anthers and stamen will have fallen off, leaving just a small dot in the centre. Maybe less pretty, but the petals will last!

But wait, there’s more! Hellebores are also gorgeous as pressed flowers. Again, this works best with the anthers and stamen removed (they are too fleshy and bulky otherwise). Just lay it flat between some baking paper and heavy books. A few weeks later, presto - long lasting winter goodness.

These have been a favourite since I was a child. To any brides out there: don’t fear a winter wedding. Lean into it - hellebores can drive your whole colour scheme. Not biased at all over here! ;)

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