Flowers for Each Personality Type

Here's your guide to the perfect blooms for each of your friends - or yourself! Drop me a comment if you agree with these recommendations.

For the sleepy one

That one friend that’s always late. The one you need to deliver coffee to if you want decent conversation. The one who’s ideal hang-out consists of sweatpants and movies in bed.

Bring them: Asters. These fluffy, daisy-like blooms will brighten their waking moments, without wilting too quickly as they slumber. They come in purples, pinks, and pastels - perfect for the bedroom.

Avoid: lavender. They’ll fall straight back to sleep.

For the happy-go-lucky one

The friend that’s always dancing, smiling, being painfully cheery. You know they can bring a laugh to your lips, and they probably have snacks on hand too. They deserve some sunshine reflected back at them.

Recommended: Daffodils. Happy yellow heads that remind everyone of springtime, you can’t go wrong here. Not in season? Go for sunflowers - classically happy vibes.

Avoid: Hellebores. This is a moody winter flower - too subtle for an optimist.

For the chill one

The lax one. The friend that goes with the flow. They’re probably too cool to show it, but a surprise delivery of flowers will give them the warm fuzzies.

Recommended: Water lilies. Alty enough to share on their instagram, easy enough to look after that they don’t need reminding. Colourful water lilies satisfy every requirement of your laid-back mate.

Avoid: Gypsophila. What is this, a wedding?

For the organised one

There’s always an organised one. The one who books the AirBnB for your group holidays, the one who brings the first aid kit. They own every colour of sticky note. Definitely one to send a thank-you to.

Send them: Tulips. They continue to grow in the vase, and the petals will slowly open wider and wider. Perfect for someone who will be at their desk every day - they’ll relish the transformation. Pick a colour to suit their aesthetic - minimalist white, bubblegum pink, rustic reds - tulips have it all.

Avoid: Gerberas. Come on, splash out on this bouquet. You owe them.

For the foodie

This is your friend who will spend an extra $4 for the fancy cheese. They buy wine that costs more than $12, and can whip up fresh pasta from scratch. That being said, they’ll smash a packet of chips like a fiend.

Recommended: Sweet peas. Not only will these delicate beauties satisfy that sensory-lover with their scent, they’re edible too! Perfect to steal a bloom from to top their breakfast. Tell them you expect personal thanks on their food-gram.

Avoid: Jasmine. While some species are made into teas and treats, others are poisonous. Best not to get them experimenting here.

For the sweetheart

The oh-so-innocent friend. The one who will go to Disney movies in the cinemas, who will hashtag #blessedwiththebest without a touch of cynicism. Cherish this friend - one day the world will drag them down too.

Buy them: Lilac. A sweet smelling flower for your sweetest friend - but not just the average ol’ rose. Brighten up their day with this icon of a flower.

Avoid: Dahlias. While stunning and perfect for weddings, dahlias only last a few days in a vase. Don’t let your heart-of-gold friend think they’ve killed something!

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