In My Ears This Winter

Being a florist means a lot of working with my hands. Tying bouquets, sweeping the floor, wiring wreaths, cleaning vases. On top of this, being a solo florist with a tight budget means driving lots of the deliveries myself! The result? Oodles of time for listening.

I was never much of a listener before Bloomsday. I’d chuck on some music, stick on the radio, but nothing more interesting than that. Bloomsday has forced me to lose my podcast virginity, crack into audiobooks, and - dare I say it - tune into National Radio.

Yes, I’m becoming an adult.

So as a break from writing about flowers and my regular behind-the-scenes work, here’s my rundown of my favourite winter listens. A break from showing you what my hands create, this is a glance at what’s been in my ears.


My number one recommendation for podcasts this month is Shit You Should Care About’s interview with Chloe Swarbrick. This was a deep dive into the Cannabis Referendum - and it was SO interesting! Chloe deftly outlines the premise, and debunks some common arguments. If you’re not sure where you sit on this, or even if you are but you’d like either some confirmation bias or some outside voices - 100% worth a listen.

Shameless. I’m a sucker for pretending to be interesting and alty, but also the first to admit that I’m a loser - so of course “the pop culture podcast for smart people who love dumb stuff” is right up my alley. Lately the girls have put out some killer interviews; Julia Gillard, Jameela Jamil, Dylan Alcott. Love my Mondays and Thursdays with Mich + Zara.


Continuing on the theme of me pretending to be cool - my favourite radio station is the epitome of this. Radio Hauraki. While I originally converted for the solid laughs from Lee Hart and Jason Hoyte, I stuck around for the music. (Side note: why are the alt/rock radio stations always aimed at men? I’d love to see a woman in their primetime slots. But this is a rant for another time.) And now, I’m still tuning in to hear Jeremy Wells talk smack to Leslie Heath. Mildly douchey, but the music is still worth it.

Embarrassingly for my inner child, I sometimes find myself flicking over to National Radio. At the tender age of 22, I find myself not just tolerating, not just interested, but ENGAGED in politics and global issues. Gone are the days where I’d be a housewife already, chasing after kids and setting the table. I am INFORMED. I am SEEKING OUT EDUCATION. Give me a riveting interview, give me some unbiased coverage of international wars. I’m here for you, RNZ.


While I edge into legitimate adulthood, I’m still nurturing my cheapskate ways. This means that I’ve been bypassing Audible at $16/month (PSA: owned by Amazon. Jeff Bezos’ pockets are lined well enough.) for Auckland Libraries’ free audiobook services. Hell yes, that’s a thing. Through the BorrowBox app, I’m listening this week to Jodi Picoult, and last week, Celeste Ng. Well worth it - the days fly by with a bit of fiction.


I wouldn’t be a true listener if I left out the ol’ faithful. Music. My flatmates have been cracking out the record player recently (yes, we’re those people), which means I’ve been back to listening to a full album in a row. Quite a change for us youth, used to listening to everything on shuffle, pre-made playlists and artist radios. My favourites so far have been a bit of Led Zep, Cat Stevens for the nostalgia, The Beatles of course, and my all time favourite: Pink Floyd. Can’t go past Wish You Were Here.

On my Spotify though, it’s artist radio through and through. Lately I’ve been digging Mako Road, The XX, and Florence and the Machine. It’s a vibe.

Drop me a comment with your recommendations - I’d love to hear from you.

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