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The world of floristry is a huge mystery to those on the outside. From the technical stuff, like which flowers need what kind of care, to where to even source them - but also: how do you make flowers look GOOD???

This is something I get asked alllll the time. How to transform a few bundles of blooms into a lux wedding bouquet, or a stunning vase arrangement.

In the context of weddings, I start with a few colours or vibes requested by the couple. For example, “sage bridesmaid dresses”, “rustic, beachy feel”, or “autumn tones, lots of foliage”. Sometimes that’s as detailed as it gets, and I just have to run with it!

I take this to good ol’ Pinterest. I make a mood board for the couple, making sure to show things in the wild Bloomsday style, and highlighting their requests. I find a visual reference really helps us to get on the same page. Plus, it gets both the couple and I SO excited!!

From there, I’ll plan the ingredients. I look at lists of what flowers are in season for their wedding date. I’m thinking about what particular flowers will suit the feel they want - e.g. orchids for a luxe look, billy buttons for something colourful and fun. And the same for foliage - olive leaf and eucalyptus to match those sage dresses, or jasmine for trailing vines.

And of course, I’ll order some silk ribbons from Feather and Stone to match. This part is so fun!

When it comes down to the week-of, I’m out there actually buying flowers. YAY! With my planning in mind, I still often go astray. It’s important to me to find a blend of colours, with many different tones. I don’t just want blush and burgundy - I want blush, hints of white, some darker pinks, burgandy, the darkest red.

Second to colour, I’m looking at texture. Think of the difference between a rose and a hydrangea, a poppy and teasel, snapdragons and amaranth. I want lots of variation!

You see how much thought goes into this before even making the bouquets? Or arrangements or archways or etc etc etc.

When I make the bouquets, I’m using a mad mixture of the colours and textures throughout, but I’m now thinking about form and movement. I want the flowers to bob and shimmer as they’re carried down the aisle. I’m avoiding too much symmetry, and making sure the flowers look good from all angles.

Want to know a bit more? In-depth, hands-on learning and playing? Book a bouquet workshop with me!

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