My Word of the Year.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

My word of the year is BLOOM.

Which sounds frickin’ lame considering I’ve chosen Bloomsday as my business name. (the sole reasoning behind this name is that it sounds like a floral version of doomsday, which was the least-lame floral pun I could come up with.)

So I know this sounds like a setup for a ‘flowers are cool please buy from me” post, but honestly, and crazily, it fits.

I’ve never had a word of the year before. I know it's a thing people do, people who seem to have their lives together and are aiming for big things. So here I am becoming a word-of-the-year-person.

Bloom; verb:

to produce or yield flowers; to support abundant plant life.

to mature into achievement of one's potential; to flourish in excellence.


I want my business to bloom. I have soooo many ideas for Bloomsday and big big dreams, 2020 is just the start. I’m looking for exponential growth and some badass gigs. I want to cover Auckland in flowers and show the fuck up in the most sustainable way I can. Time for Bloomsday to show it’s true colours and get buzzing.

I want my friendships to bloom. I’m on the hunt for friendships that fully align with my values and make me my best self. Based on adventures not gossip. Based on building each other up. Someone to go rock climbing with rather than brunching with. This is the year to find my gals and I’m ready.

I want myself to bloom. 2019 was a chaotic year - starting and quitting my ‘proper adult job’, hanging out with my sister in spinal rehab after she broke her back and re-learnt her life as a paraplegic, moving flats and dealing with landlords, being at both my fittest ever and my least fit ever. So this year I’m relishing in having the space (both physically and mentally!) to set up healthy habits for myself, and be my own biggest cheerleader. Watch me crush it.

Those are my 3 biggies for 2020. I’m sure there will be more mini-goals along the way and who knows what kind of spanner will be thrown in the works this year. We’ll see. Even if the flowers don’t bloom, there’s still been growth, and I’m here for that.

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