Tips for Making your Flowers Last Longer

Receiving flowers is the bloody best. My favourite part is watching how the blooms change over time: tulips continue growing after they’ve been cut; green sunflower buds open to show their happy faces; alstroemerias fade as if the colour is draining out of them; and calla lilies seem to last and last and last.

To make the most of your flowers, here are some important steps:

- When you first receive them, cut an inch or so off the stems before placing them in water. This is usually forgotten but makes a huge difference. Pro tip: cut the stems at an angle! Otherwise they sit flat on the bottom of your vase and can’t drink as much water.

- Change the water every two days. Clean water allows the flowers to drink and prevents the growth of bacteria - ie. that nasty slime that lined your vase last time you forgot about this step! Remove any stray leaves that will sit beneath the water too, they are slime magnets.

- Add a spoonful of sugar (and stir to dissolve) or ¼ cup of lemonade. This is the best alternative to commercial flower food, and supposedly makes the flowers smell even better too!

- Keep the flowers somewhere cool. Heat will wilt your flowers so fast! Rooms with aircon, a breeze, or even just some shade will be the best spots.

Other than these, my number #1 piece of advice is to put the flowers somewhere you can spend the most time enjoying them! This might be in the kitchen, the dining room or lounge, your bedside table… or just carry them around the house with you everywhere. Make the most of it.

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