Top 5 Tips for finding your passion

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

1. Try everything

This one is super fun! Sign up for everything and anything, say yes yes yes, and dive on in. Hiking, pottery, photography, writing, business, rocket science, microbiology, chess, growing herbs, graphic design, cutting hair, underwater hockey, skipping stones, showjumping. Who knows what you’re good at until you’ve tried it? Or more importantly, what you like! Take note of what you enjoy and what you don’t, and use every opportunity to learn about yourself.

2. Don’t rule anything out

Stigma, expectations and that niggly voice in your head all come into play here. I had always thought about floristry, but it didn’t sound like “a proper career.” It’s much more important to enjoy what you do every day than to meet expectations, so cut all those negative thoughts loose and do whatever is true to you.

3. Do stuff you like

This one seems obvious but you actually have to think about it. I love hanging out with dogs and eating nutella toast, but they aren’t things I’m truly passionate about. But when it comes to anything flowers, the environment, adventures,or maps - I could talk about it for hours. What are the things that you could do all day long and still want to do it again tomorrow? What subject could you teach a course on? Do those things!! Whether as a hobby or a career: Do. Stuff. You. Like.

4. What does the world need?

Google ‘ikigai.’ Having that purpose behind your passion fuels that drive even more. From spreading kindness, reducing carbon emissions or building homes, to sharing your talents, creating beauty or serving people. How does what you love serve the people around you? Everything is a cog in the works of this world but knowing where your passion fits will bring so much meaning to your hard work.

5. Look after yourself

So so so important! What the world needs the most is you in it being yourself, and everything you bring after that is a bonus. Be kind to yourself and listen to your body. There is no rush in this search and your own greatest supporter is looking at you in the mirror, so look after her.

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