Bloomsday NZ

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A generous and gorgeous gift. Celebrate others or yourself! 

Note this picture is only an indication of size, flowers will change depending on season and availability. 

Order before 5pm for delivery the next afternoon. 


Swap the wrapping for a pre-loved vase (reducing waste y'all!) for $20.


Add a note for free - these are handwritten onto seed paper so the recipient can plant it and continue to enjoy fresh bee-friendly blooms for weeks. There is no cooler way to remind them of your kind words than with their own growing wildflowers. 

  • Care Instructions

    Change water every two days for longer lasting flowers.

  • What is "plastic free farm-to-vase"?

    Seen those cellophane wrapped flowers at the supermarket? Yeah. Flower markets are FULL of that and it is painful! Growers very often wrap their blooms in plastic for safe delivery - but at Bloomsday we think this is unnecessary.

    That's why we offer a plastic free farm-to-vase bouquet option (offered nowhere else - hint hint!). This means I personally pick out seasonal flowers that are wrapped either in brown paper or naked instead of plastic, tightening the selection but living our values. That care and patience is worth it.

    Then I bundle them up into a gorgeous combo - Just. For. You.

Plastic free farm-to-vase ($3)