Here at Bloomsday, sustainability is key. Marayke has a BSc in Environmental Science and Conservation, so this is not taken lightly here!

seriously, I'm obsessed.

Read all about it below or flick me any question at all here.

NZ-grown + seasonal



Imported blooms not only wildly increase carbon emissions, they get fumigated on arrival. This means they don't last nearly as long, nor smell nearly as good. 

None of this greenhouse stuff either. Using flowers grown in season keeps costs down and makes your bouquets unique to the time of year. Rad.

no floral foam

Floral foam is that squishy green stuff that many florists use, in arrangements and installations. The thing they don't tell you? It's a microplastic which pollutes the ocean. 

You won't see floral foam at Bloomsday, ever. Instead I use a combination of brown twine, recycled chicken wire, and even twigs.

You won't see hot glue

plastic-ing up our wreaths either, just wire, nature + magic.


All our bouquets are wrapped in compostable tissue paper, 100% recycled brown paper (great to re-use before composting!), with a compostable Bloomsday sticker + compostable organic (!!) jute twine. ✔️✔️✔️

All offcuts go home with too! Yeowww!

Other florists use plastic wrapping, synthetic ribbon, and even plastic tubes around stems. All of this ends up as litter (*heart shatters*) or in landfills! Not at Bloomsday.


care + origin notes

If you add a note (for free!) to your bouquet, it is handwritten onto 100% recycled paper. 

Each note contains instructions on the best care for your gift, whether flowers, a wreath, or a baby pot plant, as well as notes on the origins. Transparency is key, so you'll  know where every bloom has come from. 

Farm to vase - it all matters.

pre-loved vases + pots

Bloomsday believes there's enough STUFF in this world already (see below!). This is why all the vases + pots you'll find here are either pre-loved or lovingly handmade (coming soon) right here in NZ.


The aim is to reduce over-consumption, at Bloomsday I want every gift to become an absolute treasure. 

Unique + so thoughtful.

plastic-free plants

Ever been to a plant store and wanted to buy EVERYTHING but been put off by all the plastic pots? 

None of that here. All our plants are lovingly home-grown from cuttings, or ordered plastic-free from awesome nurseries like Awapuni

Available for purchase in ceramic pots, you can grow your collection (get it?) with no plastic on your conscience. 

only at Bloomsday:

plastic-free farm-to-vase 

Seen those cellophane wrapped flowers at the supermarket? Yeah. Flower markets are FULL of that and it is painful! Growers very often wrap their blooms in plastic for safe delivery - but at Bloomsday we think this is unnecessary.

That's why we offer a plastic free farm-to-vase bouquet option for less than the cost of your coffee (offered nowhere else - hint hint!). This means I personally pick out seasonal flowers that are wrapped either in brown paper or naked instead of plastic, tightening the selection but living our values. That care and patience takes time but is worth it.

Then of course I bundle them up into a gorgeous combo just for you! 

flowers are the perfect gift

Everyone's been gifted things they don't need or want. Joke presents at office Christmas parties, clothes you don't like from Auntie Susan, nick-knacks that you have to dust. No one wants that Susan.


It's important to me that I can purchase carefully to align with my values too. Unless you're gifting cash (always a winner), the go-to's should be quality time (please bring snacks), food (see previous), or an experience (dinner out counts). 

The next best thing: flowers. Something to brighten their day, and the next and the next. Proven by multiple scientific studies to improve your mood. Then after that, 100% compostable. We look after the full circle at Bloomsday and that makes us bloody stoked.


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